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hey everyone, is there any tutorial I could use to learn how to use AYON?
im trying to integrate it into my production process for a small team of 5 people
I managed to deploy it on a server but im lost now.

it´s my first time trying to use specialized tools so even though I have already done some projects in the past, the closest program (not so close) that i have used is notion or excell so I suppose that the very basics (or the most basic tutorial that you have) would help.

Thanks for raising this topic.

For reference, Most of our documentation and tutorials are provided in written form. This approach was chosen due to the ongoing intensive development phase.

Also, there isn’t a compact guide yet that takes you from zero to hero.
But hopefully, we’ll get there one day.

At the moment, the most effective learning strategy is to immerse yourself. Explore various guides, delve deep, experiment and break things as much as possible, and observe what others are doing.

Where to find learning materials for AYON ?
Let me quote from I’m new to Ayon, where to start?

I’ll share some of my guides drafts here with you until we have a dedicated guide or updated documentation.

Disclaimer: These are draft notes not a polished guide.

First things first,
AYON is an open source studio platform and make it full functional,
you would need

  1. Have an AYON server
  2. Configure your AYON server
  3. Install AYON Desktop app on artist machines.

Afterwards, you can start digging in AYON different AYON features and concepts:

  1. Production tracking
  2. Settings variants (Production, Staging, Dev)
  3. AYON Pipeline
  4. AYON Dev
  5. AYON Colorspace management
  6. …, and the list goes on but nothing in my head now.

Get AYON Server

There are two methods:

  1. Use Ynput Cloud to instantiate your AYON server in few clicks.
  2. Deploy it on premises, in which you’d need to learn how to
    a. Deploy the server, AYON Beta Testing - Minimal step by step guide
    b. Maintain the server, How to keep up with Ayon updates?

Configure AYON Server

In essence, you’d need to

  • Bootstrap your AYON instance to get latest addons, dependencies and launcher.
  • Create your first bundle, which is a collection addons.
  • Setup application addon and add your apps
  • Create a project.
  • Edit your project’s anatomy to specify project roots, apps which should be available.
  • Edit your project and add some assets, shots and tasks and etc.
  • Create Users
  • Update their access groups
  • Update assignees on your tasks.

Install Desktop App

Typically from this button on AYON server

AYON Production Tracking

Find more info in production tracking section on docs

Settings variants

When configuring your bundle, you need to mark it therefore AYON knows which bundle to use.

AYON supports 3 settings variants that you can use to mark your bundle.

  • production, favored for production.
  • staging, favored for testing on studio wise.
  • dev, favored for development.

you can only have one production and staging variants but you can have as many dev variants as you want

In my screenshot, I have 2 dev variants, and marking my AYON-Dev as my main dev.

I think this guide may provide further info How to use different bundles with different projects?

AYON Pipeline

AYON Pipeline was built on top of pyblish and many other things.
Pyblish module allows us to build a modular pipeline where every feature can be implemented as a pyblish plugin.
e.g. we have a feature (called Extract OIIO Trasncode) to convert colorspaces of published exr renders automatically. This feature is implemented as pyblish plugin which is a python script
you don’t have to go through the python code. I’m just mentioning it for reference to help you see the big picture of how it is built and how it works.

For further info, Please refer to the first two sections introduction and Key concepts in Openpype Publish process - Development guide, It is in OpenPype flavor, A new one dedicated to AYON is in progress.


More info here Ayon Developer Mode -- Guide

AYON Colorspace Management

Should be covered in Colorspace settings | AYON Docs

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