How to keep up with Ayon updates?

Hello everyone,

So, you may update your Ayon server frequently to keep up with the recent features/enhancements/bugfixes.

In this guide I’m sharing my process to achieve that…
In essence,

  1. Update Ayon Server
  2. Get the latest Ayon Launcher
  3. Get the latest Addons

Update AYON Server

If you are using our ayon-docker then it’s as simple as

cd your-ayon-docker-repo-clone
sudo docker compose pull
sudo docker compose up -d

Update AYON Launcher and Addons

Bootstrap Ayon Launcher and Addons

Bootstrap is a fast and automated setup for AYON server.
It fetches AYON launcher, addons, dependency packages and some tools.

It requires to connect to Ynput Cloud


Addon Market

It allows updating your addons once they are updated in the Market.


Do it yourself

Sometimes you might need to do it your self.
But, it needs some additional work.

Ayon Launcher

  1. Clone our Ayon Launcher Repo
  2. You may add your studio customization.
  3. Follow Build instructions. Find them in the readme in the repo.
  4. Upload Launcher to Ayon

Latest Ayon Addons

  1. Clone Addon Repo (Search our repos for your desired addon)
  2. Create Addon Zip. Find the instruction in the readme in the repo.
  3. Upload to Server

Currently, Most addons live in ayon-core repo… but soon they will be separated.

Create and upload dependency package

  1. Clone the following repo
  2. Follow instructions

Update Bundles

Uploading new launcher, addons and dependency packages doesn’t mean you have updated your AYON settings!
Therefore, you would need to create a new bundle to update your settings.

Specify Launcher Version

Don’t forget to specify it when creating new bundle.

Specify dependency package

Please Please Please, don’t forget to update the dependency package in bundle settings if needed.

Some addons require particular dependency packages
Dependency packages can be built on demand.

Deadline Addon

Ayon Deadline Plugin

When updating Deadline addon, You’d need to copy the ayon deadline plugin that comes with the addon. (currently, found in ayon-coreayon deadline plugin )

Ayon Deadline Plugin settings

You don’t need to update the AYON executable (as long as the given executable exists)
Because AYON launcher is able to fetch and run the right launcher version.

Although, I have only 1.0.0-beta.5 in ayon deadline settings but, in job log I can see that it uses the correct launcher version.

2023-12-05 18:10:36:  0: STDOUT: *** AYON [1.0.0-beta.6] 
2023-12-05 18:10:36:  0: STDOUT: >>> Using AYON from [ C:\Program Files\Ynput\AYON 1.0.0-beta.6 ]
2023-12-05 18:10:36:  0: STDOUT: ... AYON variant: [ production ]
2023-12-05 18:10:36:  0: STDOUT: ... AYON bundle:  [ OP3.17.5-1-NoKitsu-2023-10-48 ]

Dev Notes

Go to Ayon Developer Mode – Guide to learn more about how to run ayon launcher live from source code.

Things you’d need to update as a developer are

  1. Update your repo clones
  2. Update development environment

Update Repo

In ayon-launcher, ayon-core and OpenPype repos

git checkout develop
git pull origin develop

Update development environment

In Ayon Launcher Repo:

  • ./tools/manage.ps1 create-env Install Poetry and update venv by lock file
  • ./tools/manage.ps1 install-runtime-dependencies Install runtime dependencies (Qt binding)

In ayon-core Repo:

  • ./tools/manage.ps1 create-env Install Poetry and update venv by lock file

In OpenPype Repo:

  • .\tools\create_env.ps1
  • .\tools\fetch_thirdparty_libs.ps1