Setup Ayon Kitsu Addon - Guide

Kitsu is an opensource collaboration platform and production management tool for Animation and VFX studios.

Important Note

This is a WIP addon, if you encounter any issues please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Kitsu Server Deployment

If you haven’t Kitsu running already, then you can

Update Ayon Server

Addons like Kitsu contain server code which may be compatibly with particular versions of Ayon server.
Update AYON Server Steps

AYON Server Host (ASH)

This Guide assumes you have an ASH worker.
More Info

Setup Kitsu Addon

In short, Steps are as follows:

  1. Download the latest kitsu addon
  2. Install the addon
  3. Create New Bundle and set kitsu addon
  4. Update kitsu Addon Settings
  5. Add your admin kitsu account to Ayon secrets
  6. Spawn Kitsu service
  7. From kitsu tab, pair and sync projects
  8. Check Event Viewer if needed

More details down below :point_down:

1. Download the Addon

Get the latest Kitsu addon ( ) from Releases · ynput/ayon-kitsu · GitHub

The latest version at the time of writing this post 0.1.2

2. Install the Addon

Upload the addon

3. Create New Bundle

create a new bundle with kitsu set
Set the bundle to production!

4. Update kitsu Addon Settings

5. Add your admin kitsu account to Ayon secrets

Here are the keys for easy copy and paste.

  • kitsu_email
  • kitsu_password

6. Spawn Kitsu service

Services Menu Add New Service

7. Pair and Sync projects

From Kitsu tab in studio settings

When Projects are synced they will show up in the Browser
I have here two assets that were synced

Note Pair doesn’t set Roots , Attributes/Applications orAttributes/Tools
So, until this feature is added, you’ll have to update these settings on your own.

8. Check Event Viewer

For debugging purposes, you may check event viewer

Update Kitsu Addon

Please please please, consider updating Ayon server using docker commands before updating kitsu addon because addons like kitsu can be compatible with particular versions of Ayon server.

Here’s my check list:

  1. Update Ayon server
  2. Get the latest kitsu addon, find it here
  3. Update kitsu Addon Settings
  4. Update kitsu service (delete the old one and create new one with the latest addon version)

Thank you @mustafa_jafar for the guide! We are glad to see this integration with Kitsu.

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You are much welcome.

FYI, Here’s a PR to update Ayon Kitsu docs.
PR Reviews are much welcomed :blush:

我在创建 new service 的时候,Host 选项显示找不到结果

You need to setup AYON service hosts (ASH) in order to find options in the Host drop down menu.

Setup ASH was mentioned in many places so, fell free to pick one of them: