AYON monthly beginner’s topic - June‘24

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Hi! I’m setting up ayon for my small studio and want to find some crear explonation on the forlder stucture and custom render settings as well where can i configure automatic plasement for mp4 previews. I need this to configure my render settings from nuke to have basicali only 3 pressets: still (it’s already there, so no problems), prores mov (and mp4 transcode for preview) and exr with some more lightweight compression (and mp4 transcode). So for example I’ll have in publish folder verstion folder and there i want to be two files (mov, mp4). I’m setting up ayon with Kitsu so publishing mov is ok, but then another thing I want somehow to make a post requets to my nextcloud to generate share link so my publish in Kitsu will look like that: revision and link to nextcloud folder where will be sitting mov and mp4. I think in terms of configuring folder I’ll make it as i need (help would be nice), but in terms of making post request I’m stuck idk where to begin digging, but such automatization for me is gamechanger i realy want to make it work like that for easy file transfers to clients from kitsu.

And one more thing: i think this is the easy question- what is the correct way to provide artists source files? I mean: I reciere some shots for cleanup, how do I need to send file to the artist and how to deal with resolution and framerange, because setting up res and frame range manualy for each single shot is painful espesialy if we just need to deliver the same res and framerange as sourse mov file.

Thanks for help in advance!


Hello @timsergeeff,
Thanks for these great questions.
I believe some of them deserves their own post on forums but let’s keep it for later.
Anyways, I’ll try to go through your questions as much as I can/know.

I was able to extract these questions from your comment:

  • folder stucture
  • custom render settings
  • configure automatic placement for mp4 previews.
  • Nuke Render Presets
  • Add your automation to make post requests to nextcloud to generate share link
  • what is the correct way to provide artists source files? I wonder is it like conforming and Hiero workflow ?

Project Hierarchy

You should be able to create your desired hierarchy.
But, since you are using kitsu, AYON will sync the hierarchy from kitsu per project.

Folder Structures

They are defined in Project Anatomy’s Templates
Note how they are influenced by your project hierarchy.
More info about it Project Anatomy | AYON Docs

eventually, my work file template evaluates to

-> {root[work]}/Robo/Assets/Character/moco/work/cfx

Add your automation

To extend AYON, it’s done by adding your own addon.
Here’s an example GitHub - ynput/example-studio-addon

I don’t know what would be better

  • to implement that as a pyblish plugin.
  • OR implement it as service.
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From my perspective, I suspect this may be easiest - and then expose that in a studio addon. However, it may be just my inexperience with building custom services/processors.

I had that doubt about when we want that plugin to work.
Maybe a late step in the integration so we are sure the published data exists.

also thought about maybe it should work on AYON itself where it finds the latest publishes and update the links.
maybe it can be a service that runs periodically or listens to the server and update links automatically.
or maybe it can live in the frontend part of the addon where we add a button that performs some calls but yeah I don’t know much about react so it will take me some time to steal some code prepare an example.

Thanks for help!

Yes, this is almost like that but as long as a can see thought my reserch if i conform shots in resolve or hiero tasks will stay only in Ayon and will not be created in Kitsu (or if i rememder correctly it will just give an error because shot not represented in Kitsu). So is there way to publish source file trought traypublisher or resolve\hiero to existing shot to pass thought resolution and framerange? Maybe its a bit of a dumb question but i didn’t tried it yet since i fail my previous attempts. OR! It would be nice to have “Kistu” just inside Ayon (hope we’re moving here already) because lack of review function is one of the features i only need something like Kitsu.

This is totaly a plugin because it need to be processed just before kistu status and note and we will not be able to redact kistu comments from Ayon anyway, so service is not nessesary. The logic is simple: ayon renders mov and mp4 than plugin just ask the link for folder with files using ocs api, parses an answer and creates a token with link that we can just paste inside kitsu publish note and status stage so we will fave working link inside publish note.

For dumbies: i need to do some code usin python? Is there maybe something like a tutorial (not about python but exactley about Ayon plugin logic)? Maybe documentation (I’ve already serched in dev docs but maybe missed)? Because I believe this fuction of calling api and parsing answer is realy easy but I just have no idea how and where to start.

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I see some settings in ocio tab but this seems to inaccurate place, i just dont touched it yet because this strange place, but im almost shure this is it

And about this, is there a way to make Kitsu sinced project to take a studio anatomy by itself, i find it very strange that i need to configure apps each time when sync projects. And even this thing that i need to manualy click to sync project is unnesessary maybe some fix in kitsu servise code/plugin can do that?

Firstly, you’d need an addon to put your plugin inside.
The recommended way is to create a studio addon here are some examples

There’s also some guide about plugins although it’s in OpenPype flavor.
(For reference, There’s a WIP guide in AYON flavor. coming soon ™.)

Do you mean that when clicking pair project, it doesn’t use a project preset to create the project?

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A post was split to a new topic: Got some error in resolve

I don’t know much about conforming workflows in AYON.
I suggest creating a new post about it.

No. I mean in youtube videos about conforming ayon cretes shots as well but those shots will not be created in kitsu. I can only create shots in kitsu, so i cant conform shots in davinci or hiero

Trying launch hiero for editorial task and i dont see ayon menu after startup) nuke works fine and houdini too, what a day

Seems you’re not lucky in your test runs - but it’s good you seem to be doing a wide run of different apps. Anyway, to ensure we can aid you here it always helps to point out what addon versions you are using, your OS/platform and in this case also the Hiero version.

Additionally, it may help to see if there’s any console/log in Hiero that may report Python or startup errors to see if there is any trace of AYON failing.

It will help us pinpoint where you might be getting stuck or where it’s failing. “No menu showing” is quite hard to trace down where the issue may be unfortunately.

server is running on a vm under truenas scale oficial docekr compose. I’m statting all my apps from windows 11, nuke\hiero 14.1v1 and Nuke15.0v4

cmd is empty

Just to confirm - you are launching Nuke and Hiero through the AYON Launcher, yes?

If you just run Nuke or Hiero regularly (not from AYON) no integration will be active and thus nothing of AYON will be active, loaded and thus show no menu.

Also see the explanation here (which refers to OpenPype, but the same goes for AYON). Since you were able to get Resolve working I’m pretty sure you did this correctly - but it’s good to check.

If so, @jakub.jezek has more experience with the Foundry tools so he might be better to help identify any sources of issue why the integration may do nothing at all.

Hah no, resolve launches but not working for me showing opentimwline error “no atrribute each clip”. Im launching both nuke and hiero from ayon launcher and nuke works fine all aspects (i just cant use is because i dont have ability to pass plates to nuke from resolve or hiero or traypublisher because it seems tray publisher cant load plate and setup metadata from plate file only from editorial so i need to launch so edit app anyway and have no success here) hiero has no ayon menu showing at all. By the way talking resolve: ive tried several pythons and none of them works for me exact same error (3.6.x 3.12.x 3.10.x

Hor now im stuck Im tring everything from docs and forum and i almost feeling to leave ayon for best times in a future

Tomorrow ill post a video shoving exactely how i see it for yours better understanding

For what it’s worth - I’m using Py3.9 with Fusion and Resolve and it’s been completely fine - however, we’ve never used the Resolve publisher and issues there may need to be answered by @jakub.jezek and there may indeed be issues there.

Same for Hiero, never used it - so hard to tell why it may fail currently.

It does seem you happen to just be on the wrong end of some recent refactoring/updates that may have broken some stuff.

Hey @timsergeeff, here’s my seamless Windows setup:

I run Resolve 15 alongside Python at C:/PYTHON/pyenv-win/versions/3.9.13. PYENV is my go-to for managing Python versions and creating isolated environments.

If you’re not an advanced user, simply install Python 3.9.13. Next, follow the official guide to integrate the path into the application environment. Don’t forget to install PySide6 and OpenTimelineIO as well.

hey @timsergeeff please could you run the launcher in PowerShell?

& C:\Program Files\Ynput\AYON 1.0.2\ayon_console.exe

See what will it output once you start the Nuke from launcher action. There might be some issue which is not logged in Nuke console but might be still visible in Launcher console.