AYON monthly beginner’s topic - July‘24

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What is AYON supposed to sync in terms of Kitsu projects? It seems that it does not sync Kitsu users but it does sync assets.

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A fully working sync was discussed in this forum post.

There’s a section in kitsu settings dedicated to sync feature.

For information there’s a PR for updating kitsu docs, it’d be much appreciated to give it a review.

@mustafa_jafar in my tests users is not syncing too

@mustafa_jafar i saw 3dequalizer was implemented in openpype is port to ayon planned?

@mustafa_jafar i have a suggestion: maybe dedicated topics for each of a addon would be nice because if someone need info about kitsu or huidini etc or ask some qestions or suggest an idea about dedicated addon user doesnt have special place to do it in forum.

For example i would like to discuss davinci resolve conform workflow and have no place to do it not creating separate topics and making mess.

On forums, we use tags to help you find all the posts related to a specific topic. Each AYON addon has its own tag, making it easier for you to find information about each one.

There are some dedicated topics for some addons, which are typically created when there’s a demand for them. If you see the need for a new topic, don’t hesitate to take the lead and start one :wink:
you can also suggest new tags :wink:

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Sure is. Look no further: GitHub - ynput/ayon-equalizer: AYON Integration for 3DEqualizer4 from Science-D-Vision

Create a new topic if you can’t find a topic. Honestly, creating separate topics is less of a mess than putting all unrelated comments into one topics. We could always merge topics if needed.

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You have to activate sync users in the settings for the users to sync. It’s working on my end.


It does sync users now indeed correct.

I made a feature request on Github addressing shell style environment tables.

Is there a way to actually do it? I feel like I am either doing it incorrectly or the feature is not supported at all.

Inside ayon+settings://applications/applications/blender/variants/3/executables/linux/0

I fill in:

Anyone who has had issues with AYON launcher and not having permissions to /mnt/share ? It makes no sense for me personally to use /mnt/ in the linux filesystem as it’s a root folder but it could make sense I guess if someone can enlighten me haha

It’s the default path in the anatomy settings and will define where a project path is ‘expected’ to be located.

Likely your launcher is trying to access that path for a particular project?

You may want to update your anatomy presets on your server in the settings:

Tip: Easy access, use shortcut S+S (type S twice quickly) and then click on Anatomy Presets tab.

And note that an existing project will not be updated along. Anatomy settings are stored in the project on creation, so you may need to update the anatomy settings for an existing project as well.

Tip: Easy access, use shortcut A+A (type A twice quickly), then select the relevant project left-hand side.

Right, for me it’s mainly a question of why it actually uses /mnt/ as a path since the code of the AYON launcher does not run in sudo either. If there’s a suggestion for a better place than /mnt/, then I am welcome to hear it. Since /home/{$USER}/ relates to the issue in the comment before as well.

Not sure I understand your question. Are we discussing whether the ‘default value’ for it is sensible? Or did you change the anatomy settings to a path that you do want to use but it’s still touching /mnt? If so, you either misconfigured or there’s a bug.

Did you end up changing the actual project’s anatomy?

If we are discussing why is it that value, then:

  1. As far as I know, you don’t need sudo access to access a mounted drive. :slight_smile: Your user just needs permission to access the path.
  2. Why is it the default? I think it stems from the fact that usually productions in a studio occur on a mounted network drive - so that’s why that’s the default value.

I did not end up changing the project’s value. I oddly realised that I did not mount my harddrive into the folder so I could not reach it :,) silly me making minor mistakes…

Thanks for explaining the default reason :slight_smile: I feel like that makes more sense, the way you explain it.