Does AYON support Blender 4

Does AYON support Blender 4.0 as of current? When I look at the applications in the attributes panel, I see no 4.0 or later.

when trying to fill in a custom attribute by pasting, I get this instead.

Can I expect it to behave as intended like the other listed versions?

I’ve used Blender 4+ just fine and should work.

when trying to fill in a custom attribute by pasting, I get this instead.

You shouldn’t need to adjust any custom attributes.

Add the Blender version in Studio Settings > Application Settings


NOTE: It’s good to be aware to make sure you’re setting it for Production or Staging bundles AS WELL AS your development bundle if you’re using development bundles. Because the attributes for the Applications field in Anatomy does not get updated based on the development bundles - they will only show entries from Production and Staging.

So after saving an entry like this it should start becoming available for your projects:


When saving these application settings then the custom attribute for “Applications” should get automatically updated to contain the newly added application version. If for whatever reason it doesn’t get listed automatically:

  • Try browser refresh.
  • If still not there, you’ve hit a bug and it’d be nice to get it reproduced and reported.
  • Then you can still try to Restart your AYON server.
  • If still not there, you’ve either misconfigured something or there’s a bug.
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Thanks a lot ! May I ask why you use the system python environment instead of the built in one? Does it have to do with the AYON dependencies?

That particular flag --python-use-system-env I believe is a legacy remainder from older Blender versions. Somewhere with Blender 2 or 3 it defaulted to it NEVER inheriting the PYTHONPATH from the parent process. As such, if we would launch Blender from AYON we’d essentially be facing the issue that no matter what environment we pass it - it’d be ignoring it completely.

According to this Ynput Community Discord post that’s actually irrelevant since Blender 3.5+:

The --python-use-system-env is important if you use Blender 3.3 or 3.4, indeed. If you use Blender 3.5 or later, it might not be useful anymore, given this update :

The users site-packages are now available by default without having to use --python-use-system-env

Source : Python API - Blender Developer Documentation

However, I’ve never actually tried removing it to see whether that does work.

More background details maybe here and here. But as stated, it may be completely irrelevant nowadays.

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Just want to add that - according to this Ynput discord discussion - the --python-use-system-env argument is still relevant for Blender 4.2+ (beta) so may still be required for current Blender releases unlike what I said in my previous comment.


Thanks a lot ! will keep the argument on.