How to configure Site Sync?

Hi! Its me again)

Im trying to configure sitesync and stuck with settings.

When I’m connecting with FileZilla I see my server and files

and then i dont understand to whitch folder i need to provide path

I mount my shared storage in windows like drive so i have in anatomy


for example

but on server side using sftp path is


i see only errors sync with error Permission denied

I dont get it. please help)

maybe like that?

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No, this is not working


Idk how but now it syncs but not in folder what i need no matter what i type all files fall in None folder

some how i’ve solved it by trying in a new project, seems like this settings is stored when project creates

Hello @timsergeeff,
Does this help ?

I followed it stricly and found out that only new project will pick up in new project it seems ok but ill ask when i test it further because for now when i switch to studio studio i work fine, wen studio and sftp i dont get syncyng ( maybe its okey because i write file to shared folder anyway) but when i then switch to local and sftp i cannot download anuthing because it shows 0/ 3 at my site and at remote too. I thought that i need to test it without constantly switching my sites but with some remote guy and will try it in short time and if ill have something wrong ill ask

@mustafa_jafar all working good!
i just forgot to add studio to alternative sites (adding fixes everything). And mounting sftt user to appropriate location on a server makes path working.

and just for fun: i was facing a ddos attack from china. I have 9860 login fails from chienese ip addres trying to log in as a root user (whitch slows server a lot), so my advice for ones that configuring sftp: always change the default 22 port for sftp for something different! and one more thing always change permissions to determine writing acls because idk how but when i allow all permissios i lost permissions on a lot of folders and my nextcloud was loosing folders and i coudnt enter them from winrows too. Allowing sftp connection user to unly read and write files fixes this issue