Tray Publisher publish ACEScg EXR plates with a sRGB JPEG representation

In short:
Can the current ingest transcode also transcode to e.g. JPEG sequences instead of videos?
And - extra question - can it then also convert the colorspace to another colorspace? :slight_smile:


I want an sRGB JPG representation next to my Tray Publisher ingested EXRs that are in ACES - ACEScg. So it would publish the EXR as aces, but the jpeg as sRGB colorspace into one version but different representations.

@jakub.jezek you commented here that it should be possible and that you could offer an explanation. Was that Hiero only? Or can this be configured for tray publishing as well? If so, could you explain how?

I assume I need to set up something in the Project Settings for Extract Review - but I’m a bit unsure how.

This topic seemed somewhat related but also doesn’t offer an explanation - nor does it mention outputting a sequence instead of a video.

I assume for the resulting JPEG sequences this reported bug on Wrong colorspace value might also influence the colorspace that is registered with the representation in the database - or is the issue template related only?

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This should be already part of the process. Here is what you need

  1. Activate Color Management on your project with aces config
  2. Create new profile in ayon+settings://core/publish/ExtractOIIOTranscode/profiles filtering the way this flow would be activated.
  3. Set ayon+settings://core/publish/ExtractOIIOTranscode/profiles/0/delete_original if you want to only integrate JPEG sequence into pipeline and EXR use only as Intermediate files.
  4. Configure new output into the preset in similar way as shown in screenshot

    Notice that Use Colorspace is set and Colorspace only is filled. If you want rather to use Display and View then reverse the attributes.
  5. in Traypublisher Create Plate or Render product type and drop EXR to and mark it as reviewable by dropping the EXR also into reviewable files. Also set Explicit colorspace instance attribute to ACES - ACEScg
  6. After publishing notice that only JPG were integrated as product version representation if you activated step 3.
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This should not be effected ExtractOIIOTranscode only ExtractReview. I was looking into code ayon-core/client/ayon_core/plugins/publish/ at enhancement/OP-6591_Nuke-LoadClip-colorspace-override · ynput/ayon-core · GitHub and it seems that this issue would also happen only if you used the enumerator for Display and View target rather then Colorspace.

Look into ayon-core/client/ayon_core/plugins/publish/ at 7ffed6b807cf2ce5cf5bba9251d4fd85fc0d7ee1 · ynput/ayon-core · GitHub to see where this is happening.

Thanks - this works perfectly! :slight_smile:

The input sequence unfortunately is quite high resolution - and still not very nice as ‘preview’ image plane for our animators in Maya. So, next questions!

  1. Is there any way to force the JPEG reviewable to 50% size of the input sequence?
  2. It seems the JPEG compression is set relatively low. Is there any way to influence the JPEG compression level so that the files can be a bit smaller?

you should be able to use OIIO tool args to influence anything. Use

oiiotool: the OIIO Swiss Army Knife - OpenImageIO 2.5.8 documentation for more info.

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Yes, sir! :saluting_face:

Added the arguments:

--resize 50%
--compression jpeg:70


All good.