Questions about AYON pipeline

I’m really interested in ‘AYON pipeline’ and do research and develop with documentation.

During this process, I have three question

  1. How to create folder tree which is set by ‘Project Anatomy’ ?
    • it could be very simple or maybe there is something that i missed in documentation. but, I could not find how to create folder trees. or do I need to make standalone custom qt tool ?

  1. I want to be confirmed that my understanding correct about relation between ‘AYON’ and ‘OpenPype’
  • I understand that they use different DB. ‘AYON’ use postgreSQL / ‘OpenPype’ use mongoDB
  • I understand that ‘AYON server’ and ‘AYON desktop-tray’ are same or similar with ‘OpenPype’
  1. If my understanding is correct, is it enough to build and install ‘AYON server’ and ‘AYON desktop - tray’ to use ‘AYON’ pipelline ? ( Do not need to build and install ‘OpenPype’ and mongoDB ? )

Hello taiyeong,
Great to have you here

Let’s take it step by step.

yes, that’s correct.
Openpype which itself is the pipeline desktop application and everything is saved in a mongo db.
AYON consists of many parts, in essence:

  • Ayon Server: where you have many tools, e.g. add users, set studio pipeline and project settings, create new projects, dashboard to manage your projects… and it saves the data into postgres db and you don’t have to worry about it unless you know what you are doing.
    for reference: Jump to to see how Ayon server looks
  • Ayon Launcher: which is the pipeline desktop app where you launch DCCs for different tasks as you normally do in openpype.

Good news. you can get Ayon up and running in few steps:

  1. Get and run Ayon Docker
  2. Launch Ayon Bootstrap (it’s launched automatically when running Ayon Server for the first time.)
  3. From users/artists machine go to downloads
    All of these steps are discussed in more details in these posts:

It’s mentioned in post mentioned above minimal step by step guide, basic administration

but, in short:
Right click and open a project

Then go to editor and start adding your asset folders.

P.S. Ayon will create folders when you need them, i.e. when launching a task or saving a file.
It doesn’t create folder trees on project creation.

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