Newcomer Notes

This post for answering good beginner questions from Discord

Where to start

There’s also openpype (Ayon’s predecessor).

How to add new actions to Ftrack integration?

My suggestion to check all the settings and the available features, Then you can suggest any missing features or you can add it yourself and make a PR

How to collaborate to current USD experimental plugin?

In short, you can do three things:

  1. Share us your ideas and delve into USD discussions
    you can read these posts:
  2. Test the current USD support
    you can start by checking the current status which as follows
    • Multiverse support in Maya
    • Native USD support in Maya (I’m not sure it’s ready yet or not)
    • Experimental USD support in Houdini (publish hard linked paths and flatten layers)
  3. Collaborate as a developer
    you can check these GH PRs: Also, you can filter GH PRs and Issues using USD tag!

When do I need to build OpenPype or Ayon Launcher ?

In general, you don’t have to build or compile any thing unless you are adding your own custom features.

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