OpenPype end of life timeline

As the first production release of AYON is approaching, we’d like to announce that OpenPype will be reaching its end of life. After a careful consideration and with AYON now very close to a feature parity with OpenPype, we believe it is the finally time for this transition. We’ve been trying our best to limit the features coming into the codebase for a while now, based on the previous feature freeze announcement, so this is really just a final step in the effort to transition everything to AYON.

:rocket: We highly recommend that all users start considering migrating to AYON once the 1.0 release becomes publicly available. We have put in every effort to ensure that AYON is superior to OpenPype in every way. To facilitate the migration process, we will also be providing an OpenPype to AYON importer addon with the AYON 1.0 release. This addon will allow studios to easily migrate their old OpenPype projects to AYON, eliminating the need to have two pipelines deployed simultaneously for an extended period.

Important dates and details regarding the end of life timeline:

:date: December 2023

Starting from December 1, 2023, OpenPype will no longer receive any new unsponsored features.

:money_with_wings: May 2024

Sponsored features will stop being added to OpenPype from May 2024.

:lady_beetle: August 2024

Bug fixes that are prioritized by studios on a support contract will be addressed until the end of August 2024

:lock: September 2024

The OpenPype repository will then be frozen and archived to a read only state.

Next steps

:mag: In the coming months, we will conduct a thorough review of all currently open pull requests and issues. We will then move these issues to their respective Addon repositories.

:sparkles: Pull requests will be categorized for clarity

We have added two more labels on github, target: OpenPype and target: AYON.
image - require some adjustments or conversion to AYON and will not be merged as is to OpenPype, unless they are fully AYON compatible.

image - ok to merge without any major restructuring.

The Ynput team will provide as much support as possible to the authors during any conversion, but it is ultimately the authors responsibility to test their PR with AYON as well as OpenPype. Most of the pipeline code written for OpenPype should work out of the box with AYON as well, but certainly not all of it.

We appreciate your support and understanding during this transition. We believe that AYON will provide a vastly enhanced experience for all users, and we are committed to making the migration process as smooth as possible. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

Thank you, and feel free to ask any question in this topic.

The Ynteam


Will the transition guide include info on getting cloud solutions up and running for Ayon?

We currently run Mongo Atlas and would like to continue with an off-site solution for remote working.

Yes we should have you covered on that front as well.

On Discord @Sharkitty brought up this question:

How are features defined as sponsored and unsponsored (regarding the EoL announcement)?
Mainly I’m wondering if I have until december or until may to propose new features. I guess December then?

Hey @BigRoy, thanks for moving that question here.

sponsored features and bugs are those that have been prioritized by a studio on an active support contract with us. Those are things that we always focus on primarily, while trying our best to keep up with the community contributions as well, but as you can see, that is often tricky purely due to capacity.

Greetings @milan
If I understand correctly, as a developer at Normaal Animation, contributions I make are unsponsored. Therefore, I have until December 1st to propose new features (correct me if I’m wrong). I’m currently working on implementing the new publish in Blender host, but I’m not sure if this will be ready by then. If I don’t meet this deadline, is it okay to propose it as a draft PR before December?

It is absolutely fine to propose draft. Actually it’s better, because it gives a bit more space for discussion. The lock is not about proposal though, but actually merging things in.

After 1st of december, we’ll continue to review PRs, but we’ll require for them to be AYON compatible, which most of the pipeline code actually is. So this is not a hard cutoff, but merely a switch from OpenPype first to AYON first.

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