How do I develop services?

I’m trying to work on the Kitsu Service but I’m having some problems.
I have gotten the Kitsu Server up and running locally using the instructions under Shotgrids github repo (GitHub - ynput/ayon-shotgrid: A Shotgrid Addon for the Ayon server.).
The problem I’m having is as I’m running it locally it have no idea of my Kitsu settings in Ayon.

It’s trying to pull the Kitsu url using self.settings.get("server") but it only returns the default value and thus can’t connect.

What’s the “correct” way to setup development for ayon services locally? I haven’t found any information anywhere about that.
Would love some instructions like the developer mode guide: Ayon Developer Mode -- Guide

I think this post :arrow_down: is related

This question is probably for @martin.wacker but I believe he is not available right now.

currently I just launch my ASH services in Production environment and build my docker image in a way that it won’t do anything unless i tell it to.
however i believe dev environment should also work to separate dev projects

I explain ASH to myself as a kind of portainer as it connects to your local ASH host docker socket and manages starting and stopping containers running ur custom pre-built images.
So by running ASH on ur internal docker host u can integrate services exclusively running locally.
for instance u could automate some things on your fileserver or your local kitsu instance.

feel free to reach out on discord.

After a bunch of tests, help from doerp and reading the source code I tried making a new bundle with my dev-kitsu addon but this time set it to production instead of dev and with that I’m now getting all the settings!

Are there any way to make services use the dev-bundle instead of the prod-bundle while developing it?
Maybe some kind of argument after ynput/ayon-kitsu-processor:1.0.2-dev2 python -m processor?