ASH custom service setup

Hey folks :v:
i’m trying to build my own little service with ASH that listens to project-created events in ayon. I have ASH running as a container and I can confirm it’s connected to ayon-server. However I can’t wrap my head around why the services folder in ayon-shotgrid for instance holds docker-compose files. Does ASH itself host containers? Is this docker-in-docker? Maybe someone can shed some light on this for me

as far as I know, yes.
you describe how it works.
Check martin’s post.

I’m not sure if the steps mentioned in his posts are updated as things change quickly in Beta stage. but his posts explain how it works.

Thanks for the answer mustafa :slight_smile:
from the discord I got to know that current ASH is spawning a container for each defined service on its HOST.
So it’s not docker-in-docker (yet?) but rather works like portainer for managing containers outside the actual container by defining a bind mount on the docker socket in docker-compose.yml