Houdini Integration 2.0

We’ve been planning to give Houdini integration some love for a while and considering we’re now getting a substantial amount of requests for it’s revamp let’s start with defining what exactly it’s

For reference of the current state, here are the docs Houdini | AYON Docs
All of the code is here: OpenPype/openpype/hosts/houdini at develop · ynput/OpenPype · GitHub

With OpenPype 3.15 release we’ve also migrated Houdini to the new publisher interface which is still lacking in some areas. So those will probably need to be addressed first, but we ultimately need to look at a bigger picture of the integration.

So get the ball rolling, feel free to vent out everything that is good about the current state, what is bad about it, and what it’s plain and simple missing.


Likely a relevant share to this discussion:

It’s also good to maybe mention some things that came up before:

  1. Being able to “Create” publish instances directly from the create node TAB menu in Houdini.
  2. Provide some default attributes for data for Alembic publishing (e.g. a ‘generate path attribute’ kind of feature). Ondrej also briefly mentions this possibility in the screen recorded video linked at the top of my post.
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I wanted to bring up that just now a PR was merged which now allows OpenPype Creators to be created within Houdini network editors using the TAB search menu.

I’ve just created an enhancement PR to that with some extra functionality in which I also included a little screen recording showing off the feature. Maybe it’s of interest to this topic so I’m adding it here:


This is awesome addition. Much more intuitive for Houdini folks.

For reference, Here is a dedicated post to discuss Houdini addon enhancements.