AYON Houdini Future

Hello Houdini enthusiasts,

Recently, Some discussions are starting to arise about Houdini Future and Ayon tools and HDAs for Houdini

Houdini Ideas

So, here’s a quick list, each idea worth a separate post on forums!

Some of these ideas are in progress already and some may be dropped.
This post is just for brain storming so feel free to share your ideas
it will be great to include screen captures to visualize your thoughts

Houdini Current State

Just for reference, here’s a quick list of things you can do in Houdini integration


  1. add houdini executables
  2. add houdini tools
  3. set global env variables
  4. add houdini shelves
  5. manage publish plugins settings


  1. use tools provided in openpype/ ayon menu
  2. publish several product types
    • PointCache ABC
    • PointCache Bgeo
    • StaticMeshes FBX
    • Redshift Proxy
    • Arnold Ass
    • VDB Cache
    • Composite sequence
    • HDA (from obj level)
    • Reviews
    • Render
      • Arnold
      • Redshift
      • Mantra
      • Karma
      • VRay


  1. add Launch hooks
  2. register call back events
  3. customize publish plugins

I wish if I could add a Houdini TDs section
If you were Houdini TD what would you expect to find?