SSO / Active Directory integration

Is SSO / Active Directory integration on the roadmap? It would be a huge help to have the ability to link into pre-existing systems for easier/central management.

Technically it is already totally possible to do yourself. We’re actually using discourse SSO and before that Discord SSO for the community login on

That being said, we’ll evaluating how much effort to put into individual providers, LDAP and AD, what exactly it’s going to look like and how it will be distributed (most likely as an addon, same as other integrations).

Is there already any documentation about or could you point to an example of how one could potentially start to implement a new provider like this?

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I was about to ask the same!

If there is a working SSO example that could be made available, as you mentioned there is something already for discourse SSO.

Im keen to explore a way to extract a user list from an AD/Domain service.

Not public at the moment. It will be an addon most likely.