Questions about AYON pipeline

I’m really interested in ‘AYON pipeline’ and do research and develop with documentation.

During this process, I have three question

  1. How to create folder tree which is set by ‘Project Anatomy’ ?
    • it could be very simple or maybe there is something that i missed in documentation. but, I could not find how to create folder trees. or do I need to make standalone custom qt tool ?

  1. I want to be confirmed that my understanding correct about relation between ‘AYON’ and ‘OpenPype’
  • I understand that they use different DB. ‘AYON’ use postgreSQL / ‘OpenPype’ use mongoDB
  • I understand that ‘AYON server’ and ‘AYON desktop-tray’ are same or similar with ‘OpenPype’

  1. If my understanding is correct, is it enough to build and install ‘AYON server’ and ‘AYON desktop - tray’ to use ‘AYON’ pipelline ? ( Do not need to build and install ‘OpenPype’ and mongoDB ? )

It’s not in Ayon as we speak.

There are some threads here on the forum about specificly those issue’s questions

I’ve managed to do a really dirt trick and made a popup window in python and made an executable from it.
And in ayon a added extra workfolders based on this little executable.
So as soon as you run that it automaticly makes all the folders :wink:

This post is a duplicate,
I’ve added my answer in the other post.