Openpype 3.15.10 OSX Crashing

I am trying to run OpenPype on my OSX and connect to our mongoDB running on the cloud.

However as soon i connect to the database openpype app crashes. Then when i try and relaunch the app the app will just crash automatically without even showing the connection window.

Using OS 12.6. Is this the reason? Is 3.15.10 only supported up to OS 11.7?

Would i need the newer beta version to run?



Hello, can you provide more information? If it crashes it should give some traceback, or it just dies silently?

Hi Jacob,

It just dies silently. No errors shown.

Would there be any log files stored that i can search for to send you that maybe show why it is failing to launch?



Try to run it via terminal. You would have to use /Applications/ (Not sure where you have the

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Hi Jacob,

So if i run it through the console it gives this but no gui shows up and it just stops in the terminal at starting webserver.


Closing this topic as it is quite old (speaking of OpenPype and OpenPype version).
For reference,