Loader Links

Often to build a workfile, we need data from outside the asset/shot. For example loading in a character from a library or using an output of a different shot, ei. the camera might be the same.

Currently we can register these relationships as links between entities in a project data manager like Ftrack or Ayon, but we need to refer to these managers to know the relationships when loading in content to the workfile. I think it would be better to show this relationship directly in the Loader.

Because we can link any two entities together, we’ll need some traversing to find the subsets. For example you might link characterA to a shot, but might also directly link a specific version of a pointcache.

Great idea. It’s closely connected to what we are doing with the related section in the artist dashboard Artist dashboard - #27 by Innders

Essentially there are many ways to figure out what is related when it comes to links.

My feeling is this would be best as a switch of the “products” panel between folder products and linked products

Where linked could be aggregate of multiple links, with a visual differentiator of why it’s being shown. Most of the time, we’ll be using breakdown links for this anyway, but we can’t assume that.

That was my initial thought too. :+1: