Kitsu entities error on publish

Hi everyone,
I have a small issu with the kitsu integration. The sync bring the project into ayon but I can’t publish from blender.
Here the error :

Zou asset data not found in OpenPype!
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\TibO\AppData\Local\Ynput\AYON\dependency_packages\\dependencies\pyblish\", line 527, in __explicit_process
  File "C:\Users\TibO\AppData\Local\Ynput\AYON\addons\openpype_3.17.4\openpype\modules\kitsu\plugins\publish\", line 30, in process
ValueError: Zou asset data not found in OpenPype!

On the server side in the event I have this:

(For info everything is updated)
Thank you for your help.
BTW Amazing work you guys are doing !

Thanks for reporting the issue.
It is mentioned here that the client code of kitsu addon is still in progress.

Thank you @mustafa_jafar . Yes I saw that.
Just want to let you know :wink:

Thanks .