How to set dcc as per asset/task

how set dcc as partucular task, for example , when i create model i show only maya dcc, nuke disable on this task launch means how to set dcc as per task. as my observation we can assign DCC only particular project level,not per asset or task

Your question relates to unimplemented features…
Currently, it’s only possible to set DCCs per projects.
It’s mentioned here in AYON monthly beginner’s topic - December‘23

So what’s mentioned there is that the DCCs per project feature is not yet implemented and a workaround is a Launcher shortcut to the required bundle per project, right @mustafa_jafar?

@Tobias it seems you removed your question - likely because you found the answer yourself already. However, I believe the question + answer may still be valuable to others.

So, no. You can define applications per project currently - however the launcher UI will not be able to filter them based on the current task type or user which is what @pratapgurav asked about originally.

Technically we could implement profile filtering in the project settings for applications for the launcher to use while clicking through folders, etc. but I believe it’s no high priority?

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@BigRoy yes, I found the setting. Where to put which setting is sometimes a bit confusing in Ayon. I found it a week ago (under project’s Anatomy > Attributes > Applications) but today I searched for it quite a while again. Actually up until the point where I googled it and ended up at this post again.

With profile filtering you mean DCCs shown based on User? Yes, that would not be a priority. Showing specific DCCs based on Task Type as requested in the OP would be much more interesting. And then overrides for specific tasks (like in general just show Nuke on Comp tasks, but not Maya and on one specific Comp task show AfterEffects instead of Nuke).

Sorry, Profile Filtering is a term often used in the ayon codebase that is in essence just finding a ‘best match’ active “settings profile” for a specific situation. This could mean e.g. matching to application group, task name, or task type, or even user to define certain conditions like whether an application should be visible or not.

So I did mean filtering like you’re describing. Unfortunately I don’t have time myself to implement that myself on short notice, but definitely check in with the community (or Ynput support if you have a subscription) to see if they can implement it if you’re unable to develop yourself.