Error while starting AYON Launcher - Desktop application after compiling it from source

I have compiled the AYON Launcher -Desktop application by following the steps given at the from GitHub - ynput/ayon-launcher: AYON desktop application launcher .
Once the launcher has been compiled, I tried starting the app_launcher but it generates the following error:
Started the app launcher using the command: ./build/output/app_launcher

The steps that I followed to build ayon app-launcher from are:

The operating system I am using is Rocky Linux 8.7 .

there’s a new guide is coming at some point next week

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Hello !
Has this new installation guide been posted ?

Has this new installation guide been posted ?

As far as I know, Not yet.

Does ayon server provide ayon launcher installer for your OS?

Thanks for your answer.
I am currently on other stuff, so I can wait for the new guide (we are on Windows here, so I guess the Ayon Server will provide the Launcher for Windows).

It is available :grinning:

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