Duplicate ftrack actions

Hi all, I’m seeing duplicate (3x to be specific) ftrack actions for some reason. Any ideas what could be causing this?

Context for what I’ve done so far, I setup a quick test ayon server on windows using wsl. I then set things up properly on an external linux machine but on the same network. I then completely remove wsl from my windows system. I’m just mentioning that because maybe having 2 ayons on the same network caused some issue?

It was working perfectly when just running locally on wsl.

I also see this pop up in ftrack when running “create/update custom attributes”:
“There are running more AYON processes where this action could be launched.”

and also: “Action “AYON Admin - Sync to AYON”: Failed (Hierarchical attributes “ayon_id”, “ayon_path”, “ayon_sync_failed” were not found in Ftrack)” when running “Sync to Ayon”

Any ideas?


For anyone that has this same issue, a complete restart of the machine I had this running on fixed the duplicate actions and also the create/update attributes.

I’m still getting the last error though where I cant sync to ayon

The actions show for every connected instance on that Ftrack user of AYON. So if run e.g. AYON tray 5 times, even if on different machines, the entries will be duplicated five times. At least that’s how it behaved on OpenPype.

and also: “Action “AYON Admin - Sync to AYON”: Failed (Hierarchical attributes “ayon_id”, “ayon_path”, “ayon_sync_failed” were not found in Ftrack)” when running “Sync to Ayon”

I’m not sure how to solve that error, sorry. That’d be up to @iLLiCiT to provide an answer to I suspect.

That makes sense then as I was logged in across 3 machines! So good to know that. Thanks mate

@iLLiCiT do you have any ideas on this error? I set things up initially with WSL for testing and things worked perfectly. Now the workstation im hosting Ayon is running on Rocky8. Could that be causing any issues?

The attributes it mentions exist on the project in ftrack but there is no data there.

Process wise I’m following the docs, so:

  • create project in ftrack
  • actions > prepare project
  • actions > sync to ayon (this is where i get the above error)

So it seemed to be some issue with Rocky 8 - exact same setup running on rocky 9 (which i heard being recommended in one of the fmx2024 talks) has fixed the issue…