Backup AYON database/settings

Another question.

How do we backup or even transfer the Ayon database/settings.
i couldn’t find anything in the docs

We’re setting up our server soon with Ayon etc.
But i would like to have an autobackup of the database to another location, so in worst case scenario the server would die, we can load it in on another one.

(preffered we’ve a redundant server with autoswitching etc etc etc, but this is something for next year)

As far as I know, it’s possible to dump the entire database using pg_dump utility in the postgres container.
then for restoring from a backup, you just start the postgres container first on a fresh instance (without server) and use the same method as for restoring projects:

docker compose exec -T postgres psql -U ayon ayon < yourbackupfile.sql
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Quoted from AYON monthly beginner’s topic - December‘23 | Back up Ayon DB

Maybe @martin.wacker can add more insights.

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Yep. I use this daily. But I cannot guarantee the redirect will work properly on Windows - they tend to misbehave and try to buffer everything which may be a problem in case of huge dumps - if that ever happens to you, please let me know and we’ll find a workaround

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