AYON Server 1.2.1 - Inbox

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:rocket: Here’s what’s new in 1.2.1

:love_letter: Inbox Page

A powerful, email-inspired inbox for all your updates and notifications. No longer get lost in hundreds of irrelevant messages; manage and view only the useful ones.

Important: Messages are prioritized so you always see the most critical information first.

Read: Mark messages as read or unread to keep track of what you’ve already seen.

Cleared: Clear messages when you’re done with them to keep your workload organized. Think of it as an automated to-do list.

Notifications: Receive real-time browser push notifications on your device.

Notification Sounds: Hear a notification sound when new messages arrive.

:heart: Other Improvements

Mentions: Context-aware suggestions for smarter mentions.
Comments: Emoji support :smile::eye::muscle:t2::woman_elf:t2: (markdown syntax only).
File Preview: Preview text files and PDFs directly inside AYON without the need to download them.
More: 21+ additional improvements and bug fixes.

:open_book: Resources

Docs: Inbox and Notifications | AYON Docs
FE Changelog: Release 20240614 · ynput/ayon-frontend · GitHub
BE Changelog: Release 1.2.0 · ynput/ayon-backend · GitHub

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Inside docker-compose.yml:

    image: ynput/ayon:latest

Inside ayon-docker directory run:

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up --build --detach

:hugs: A Big Thank You!

We can never thank our amazing community enough for your continued contributions and support.

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