✨ AYON pipeline 2024.06.0 for AYON Server 1.2

Say hello to a brand new AYON pipeline bundle!

Crafted for AYON Server 1.2.1+, the bundle offers a lot of changes towards cleaner codebase, but also tons of functional updates. Here’s what you can expect.

:rocket: AYON launcher 1.0.3

Update of PySide2 to PySide6
Update of ayon-python-api

Please note that Centos 7 still uses PySide2 because there is no official version of PySide6. (Maybe it’s time to upgrade :wink:)

:broken_heart: AYON core separation is done

Release of ayon-core 0.4.0

We finally got to the point where ayon-core codebase does not contain other addons.

All the client code for Host addons and “modules” (as we used to call them in OpenPype) has been moved out of ayon core, into their respective folders and are now self contained. That is final step before we can separate them from ayon-core repository into their own repos.
However, functionally, that is only a formal step as all the addons are already independent packages which can be installed on your server.

What does it mean?

As new minor version suggest, this is a big change.
It was necessary to update all addons living in ayon-core repository to be able to use the new ayon-core. The minor version of all the addons have been bumped, in most of cases to 0.2.x. You should get warning on start of AYON launcher.

Our recommendation is to upload all addons from this release to your server, create a staging bundle to test it out and then propagate to production.

Unreal integration was already moved to GitHub - ynput/ayon-unreal: Unreal Engine integration addon for AYON

Developers & Contributors

The addons still live inside ayon-core repository at this moment, but we plan to move them to dedicated repositories as soon as possible. That will also require to convert any open PRs and issues. We will try to be as smooth as we can but please be patient.

Further planned changes in ayon-core

There will be some api changes related to OpenPype compatibility.

  • any function or class that contains openpype in its name is now deprecated and can disappear at any moment.
  • ayon_core.modules will be removed. Please use ayon_core.addon instead
  • AYONAddon will require to have version attribute

Among hundred!

113 Changes since 0.3.2 to be extact :nerd_face:
To see them all, you can go to:
Release 0.4.0 · ynput/ayon-core · GitHub

And here you will find the complete history:
Releases · ynput/ayon-core · GitHub

:fire: Kudos to @iLLiCiT and everyone from the pipeline team for this massive push ! :star2: