AYON / Openpype Deadline Setup

Here’s my personal experience exploring how to make this setup.
Installation take place on both sides Ayon/openpype and deadline.

🛠️ Install Deadline Server and Client

The best way to start learning about deadline is from Deadline official tutorials.
For this guide, These steps are the minimal installation steps.

Deadline Server Side:

  • Configure Deadline for AYON/Openpype

    1. copy openpype/modules/deadline/repository/custom to deadline_repository/custom

    2. Configure plugins from deadline menu Tools > Configure PLugins

      It’s recommended to use forward slashes / when adding paths.

      🛠️ Configure AYON plugin

      In Ayon:

      • Ayon executable : path of ayon_console.exe, windows default installation path (~\AppData\Local\Ynput\AYON\app\AYON 0.3.2\ayon_console.exe)
      • Ayon Server URL : it’s something like http://Server_IP:5000/
      • Ayon API Key : if you don’t how to obtain one, check Get AYON_API_KEY

      🛠️ Configure OpenPype plugin

      In OpenPype:

      • OpenPype Installation Directories : base folder where all openpype version are installed, (you can keep it as it is if you didn’t change installation path while openpype installation)
      • OpenPype executable : path of openpype_console.exe, (you don’t have to use it unless you are running OP from source)

      If you are running OP from source, you’d like to use the openpype_console.bat it’s in tools folder inside OpenPype Repo

      🛠️ Configure OpenPype TileAssembler plugin
      • For OpenPype TileAssembler, I used the one came with openpype which was in my case

    3. Run Webservice from CMD

      "C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\Deadline10\bin\deadlinewebservice.exe"

      It’s possible to change the listening port with the flag -port

      "C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\Deadline10\bin\deadlinewebservice.exe" -port 8082

      Instead of running from CMD, you can modify deadline.ini as krishna suggests below

    4. testing the webservice in browser, in my case it’s https not http


AYON / Openpype Side:

The only setting you need to configure is Deadline webservice URL, and yeah without a slash at the end!

AYON OpenPype

you can also set Deadline webservice URL on project level

AYON OpenPype

you can also modify default deadline arguments values on project level

AYON OpenPype


Testing Houdini mantra rendering

And here it’s on deadline

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We installed the deadline as a service client during installation and added a couple of lines in deadline.ini (C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Thinkbox\Deadline10\deadline.ini), so we don’t have to worry about opening the .exe web service

Added these lines in deadline.ini


It works like magic!
Thanks man :pray:

This is a cool option too for running deadline webservices.
By @tokestuartjepsen on discord

"Another approach to keep the webservice running, is to have it as a job on the farm. You can then setup a redundancy machine to pick up the webservice job if the main machine fails. "

I faced a problem "Failed to run OpenPype process to extract environments." when moving from 3.15.x to 3.16.x

If you push a new installation of OP, you’ll need to update OpenPype Executable in the Deadline plugin path.
I didn’t need to update OpenPype Installation Directories

It’s possible to leave OpenPype Executable empty because the GlobalJobPreLoad should retrieve the OpenPype executable path from OpenPype Installation Directories, read more.
However, it didn’t work for me so that I had to set the executable explicitly!

I also updated the oiio path

Was this needed?
Pretty sure that plugin is deprecated and we encourage to use Deadline Draft instead.

I just did it because it was pointing to a path that didn’t exist

I don’t know much about openpype and deadline workflow.


I’m encountering an error in Deadline for Nuke render. It’s indicating a “bad value for display & view process.” during the review render baking. Is there any known fix for this problem?