Ynput forum governance and structure

Hi all. Considering this forum is quite new and we’re migrating conversations from github discussions and discord to here, we don’t have a very rigid structure of the forum to start with.

This topic will be used to discuss the governance and structure of the forum, while hopefully improving it over time. Feel free to post any suggestions, issues, tips or good practices that you would like to see implemented here.

Let’s make this place flourish!


For now, we’ll only use 4 basic categories that pretty just marginally expand on what we use on discord. They essentially define the audience of interest for a topic


We are not specifying any tags artificially ahead of time, but will see how things develop and what tags will make sense. My suggestion to start with is to at least use them to tag topic with various modules they relate to. Be it addons, DCCs, server or similar.

We are transffering all the relevant topics from [ynput/OpenPype · Discussions · GitHub](https://Github Discussions) to here, so please bear with us while that process is underway.

If you’d like your discussion contributions to be retained in here correctly, please make sure to connect your github account to your Ynput community one. You can do it from your profile settings.

While you’re at it, connect your Discord that you use on Ynput discord server too. This will allow us to also import threads and other valuable pieces of discussion from Discord later on.

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