Ynput Discord channels matching Ayon's architecture


As Ayon architecture is very modular, I think it may be useful to replicate this virtue in the Discord channel as well, at least for the mayor topics: Server, Services, addons specific channels (at least the most common ones), Launcher, ASH,
This issue arouse from the fact that I am not sure which channel to use for the Ftrack Addon related questions: Ayon Server? Development?

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Depends on the issue I’d say. Actual bug with the addon, go to ayon-ftrack repository in Issues.

Want to discuss ideas or changes more globally with the community? Share your thoughts here for a more community-driven discussion (e.g. how artists interact with it or how the addon is deployed). Those kind of discussions persist much better on the forum here. Use tags to e.g. target it addon and ftrack specific.

If it’s still a more developer’s oriented discussion (technical discussion about the code) - then again, create an issue on the Github repository if it’s more developer’s oriented.


@mustafa_jafar is actually finalizing a new discord structure as we speak and we’ll be kicking it off very soon