Web-Based User Interface Feature Set

Is there a page on the documentation that walks through the current state of the web interface and future plans for the interface? As far as the Dashboard, clicking on different parts of the page seems to either do nothing or copy the text to my clipboard. I’m testing out the AYON pipeline early access beta and wasn’t sure if things weren’t working or the features weren’t there yet.

The front end is at the moment a preliminary preview in majority of places. It serves mostly the purpose of browsing the existing pipeline data.

We’ve recently started putting more focus on the UX of the web interface with a few specific use cases in mind, but at the moment we’re not aiming at a full project manager style frontend, albeit in some places it’s beginning to look like it i admit :slight_smile:

After the 1.0 production release, we’ll start focusing on the web part a lot more, but at the moment it should be considered a nice to have. What is important and will need to be solid for the production release are browser, editor and all the settings pages.

That would achieve a feature parity with OpenPype and will allow us to build on top. We do have some really nice interface features coming up, but we’ll be officially announcing them when they are a bit more fleshed out. Artist dashboard is one that we’re certainly going to spend a good ammount of time on.