Unreal Engine Project Creation

Hey everyone, sorry for the noobish question but I am having an issue with OpenPype and unreal engine here. I have been asked to look at how the integration is at the moment but I am struggling on the very first step.

I am using OpenPype 3.15.10 with unreal engine 5.1.0 and when I try launch unreal it gets stuck on the very first step of “Generating a new UE project … 1 out of 2”. It stays on 0% and the log remains empty.

It is trying to create the project on our work server so there may be permission issues but I’m not sure, any help on figuring this out would be greatly appreciated.

as far as I know It’s hard to tell if it’s slow or stuck
could you share log ?

This could be quite a few things actually.

  1. do you have AYON plugin for unreal installed?
  2. Do you have write permissions to the disk where you have your project roots in the project anatomy?