Unable to save workfiles in afterEffects & photoshop


im not able to save the workfiles in afterEffects & Photoshop using openpype (3.15.5)
After Effect 2023

Interestingly, if you save by File/Save first, the workfile tool allows to save.

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yes working… but i hope this issue will be fixe in the next update :grinning:

Excactly, this is the one I encountered too. Empty project should be saved first.

The error message is:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/videopro/git/OpenPype/openpype/tools/workfiles/files_widget.py", line 644, in _on_save_as_pressed
  File "/Users/videopro/git/OpenPype/openpype/tools/workfiles/files_widget.py", line 687, in _save_as_with_dialog
  File "/Users/videopro/git/OpenPype/openpype/hosts/aftereffects/api/pipeline.py", line 89, in save_workfile
    self.stub.saveAs(dst_path, True)
  File "/Users/videopro/git/OpenPype/openpype/hosts/aftereffects/api/pipeline.py", line 63, in stub
    if not stub.get_active_document_name():
  File "/Users/videopro/git/OpenPype/openpype/hosts/aftereffects/api/ws_stub.py", line 192, in get_active_document_name
    return self._handle_return(res)
  File "/Users/videopro/git/OpenPype/openpype/hosts/aftereffects/api/ws_stub.py", line 574, in _handle_return
    raise ValueError(first_item["error"])
ValueError: No file open currently