UDIM Texture issue - Yeti rig


Having an issue with UDIM textures UDIM not being found in 3.18.11. Getting an error when trying to publish yetirig, works without using udim tag for the textures

@BigRoy @mustafa_jafar Any idea what could be causing this?

It seems like you’re on an old version, in particular OpenPype - so be aware that there’s no maintenance to that version as far as I know.

Anyway, the collection of the textures for the Yeti rig is done here.

My assumption is that the issue originates because you have <UDIM> but it has just one UDIM tile (so one texture; is that correct?) If so then here clique does the wrong thing because by default it does not collect a collection if it. It will need the minimum_items=1 argument, similar to here.

Not sure if that’s exactly your issue, but I suppose that’s the case.
If you can confirm whether that fixes it that’d be great because the same logic still appears to be in ayon maya currently so might be good to fix there as well.

No ,it has more than one texture tiles. will do chk in AYON as well. thnk @BigRoy