Two step validation: artistic, technical

I would like to have your ideas of the implementation , we want to integrate a two-step validation:

  • the first validation judges the artistic, Pyblish extracts a review which is used for the validation.
  • the second validation judges the technical, it is done on a copy of the artistically valid workfile, Pyblish extracts the data from this scene.
    The challenge is to be able to do the second validation with a scene which is the same as at time of the review creation.

Step by step example:

  1. The artist works on the workfile.
  2. With pyblish, the artist makes a review and a copy (“snapshot”) of the workfile.
  3. If the review is artistically validated.
  4. The supervisor opens the copy of the workfile (“snapshot”).
  5. With pyblish, the supervisor publishes them (for example the abc for modeling) once the validator has been passed.

The “snapshot” is a read-only copy of the workfile.

I’d say this is a very valid approach in multiple scenarios, but the question is how exactly to work with this snapshot. I strongly believe we should avoid opening the published files directly, but instead copy them to work area and publish from there again. Just wanted to mention that here, even though the conversations continues in the respective PRs #2442 and #2441

As you said the best solution is to copy the publish file into the workfile. This feature is now available in the workfile interface :slight_smile: