Tags enumerator in Setting missing 'review'

I think that Tags enumerator schema_representation_tags.json is missing review family as this is far more important (it seems) than ftrackreview. (At least for global ExtractReview, without it it won’t create actually review, using ftrackreview instead results in non usable video - first image used instead).

I am always confused with differences in:

  • family[“review”]
  • tags[“review”]
  • tags[“ftrackreview”]

I am putting it here to start a discussion and point where I can look back whenever I am confused next time.

family[“review”] - makes pyblish instance to be processed by extract review plugin(and some others)

tags[“review”] - tells extract_review.py which representation in particular needs to be process from the instance as there can be more of them
tags[“ftrackreview”] - tells integrate_ftrack_instance.py that this particular representation is the one that should be used for ftrack playable component on the web. This component must be handled a bit differently than other for it to be playable.

The question is whether we want to determine review tag across all settings. Yes, it doesn’t make any sense to define it from extract_review settings, since we would not get chance to do anything with representation if it didn’t have the review tag set from previous process. But what if we want to define this tag somewhere upstream?

I believe we should add review tag into the schema_representation_tags.json file as it is one of the pivotal tag to be used on representations in settings.

I am reconsidering this to be breaking the review workflow. Review tag should be the internal tag used just by plugins.

This is pretty much related to this issue: Merge all review tags into one · Issue #4569 · ynput/OpenPype · GitHub

There is also a comment there describing maybe changing the tags to: create-reviewable and upload-reviewable or alike so they are not 1-to-1 match in names with the families.