Substance painter shelves

I’m trying to integrate some custom shelves for substance painter with export presets and some tools the artist made

But it doesn’t want to load them when adding them to the shelves in the substance painter options
Is there a specific way how to do this?

Does the log mentions any thing ?

Also, for reference using shelf paths support template keys.

Mentioning @BigRoy

Sorry for the noise.
I was looking at the wrong thing, not fully at home in SP.

But it is working.
I was under the impression it should also pop up at settings > libraries
But that’s the wrong end to look for.

Thanks for the quick response again

Yes, this is correct. It will not list it there due to it being a ‘dynamically registered library’ at runtime.

This is where the logic is and I hope the docstring helps a bit. :wink:

Also see the documentation on Substance Painter’s API for:

substance_painter.resource.Shelves.add(name, path)

I guess that ‘docstring’ documentation should also be in the admin documentation for the Substance Painter integration maybe.

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