SiteSync - On-Prem <-> Google Drive Syncing

Hey all! I’m very new to Ayon so apologies for any naivety haha.

I’m currently setting up SiteSync for our studio and need a little help. In our current setup, we have on-prem studio storage, gdrive, and local disks. For explanation’s sake, I will break up the desired workflow into 3 steps :

  1. We want the remote artists to be able to sync from gdrive to local when they start their tasks, and then when they’re ready to publish, we want them to be able to sync their publishes from local to gdrive.
  2. We want gdrive and studio storage to always match their contents and sync between each other.
  3. We want the on-prem artists to be able to work off of and publish to the studio storage.

Currently, Ayon is communicating with gdrive properly and syncing files when they are published by remote artists (as described in step 1). And on-prem artists are able to work directly off the studio storage (as described in step 3).

However, the current struggle is coming from getting gdrive and the studio storage to sync between each other when a publish is made (as described in step 2). Is this something Ayon is capable of doing? I thought that was what the “alternative sites” setting was for, but I’m unable to get gdrive and studio to sync.

Here are the settings at the project level

Here are the sitesync settings for a remote worker

Here are the sitesync settings for an on-prem worker

Does anybody have any insight on configuring sitesync like this? Is sitesync unable to do a
gdrive<->studio sync in the way we’re trying to achieve?

Any help would be great! Thank you so much.

There was an answer by @Petr_Kalis on discord here:

You will need to run one additional Tray as a studio (and set its remote site to gdrive).
For more details, see: Site Sync Admin Docs | AYON Docs

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Thank you for the help everyone!

Unfortunately, I am still struggling getting the gdrive<->studio storages to sync to each other. I have launched a Tray on a spare Windows server on-prem, and configured it according to the docs from @Petr_Kalis, but I’m still not getting published files from gdrive syncing to studio, and I’m not getting published files from studio syncing to gdrive.

I’m running the following cmd on the Windows server :

With the following project settings :

And the following site settings :

When I try to run the Tray itself I get the following console output :

I’m feeling pretty lost- not sure what I’m doing wrong here…

Could you try to set environment variable AYON_SITE_ID to studio in that cmd window BEFORE (but in same cmd) you start run that command? (It seems that there is a bug in resetting site id from command line.)

(BTW you might want to loose setting Alternative site to studio on your gdrive. That should be only necessary if gdrive and studio were physically same locations (but accessible through 2 different APIs. More common use case would be sftp site serving directly from studio location. I dont think this is your use case though.)

Hey @Petr_Kalis

Thanks so much! That seemed to do it :smile:

I think I may have stumbled across a bug with the Site-Sync front end not letting me switch between the different active and remote sites configured on the different Site IDs associated with the user.

Here’s a short video showing the issue I’m running into with the web interface :

I’ll talk around internally and see if we have the resources to look into what might be causing this (if it is a bug) and see if we are able to solve it.

So functionally, this is working- it just would be hard to debug sync issues without the web interface.

The sites listed on the on the SiteSync web interface change to the ones that were associated with the machine I most recently published from. That makes sense! My bad.

As for the admin account that is logged into the Windows server to do the sync between gdrive<->studio, I’m not sure how to get it to show studio and gdrive instead. That’s less important though I guess. We might still look into it, not sure.

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