Shot inventories and automatic scene build

Thanks for the thoughts.

How does ayon/OP handle shot inventories? Can you set the context and step/department and one click pull all the latest of everything into your shot?

It is indeed possible, but it requires some key information to be present.

  • Links between entities must be created. Some of these are done automatically during publishing, but some (like linking a character to a shot), must be done manually by someone first.
  • You need to either fill out workfile build settings of your DCC (not all are fully supported), which can then simply pull required versions into a scene, or setup a templated workfile build which needs a template file and correct settings. Both approaches can then be used to build new workfiles.

Thanks. The way we do this currently is the initial inventory is set by animators as you aren’t allowed to export animation for a character that isn’t in the context inventory. So a way to push this from maya as part of a publish check would fit with how we do it. Ow.

And we’re planning on going 100% Solaris in the future so either a template scene or some simple rules would work. Probably publish the work as hda subnets for lighting / render setups. We would have to have a context aware inventory aware shot builder to compose the lastest shot.usd for everything up to the lighting work.

Hi there, we are also interested to see what kind of tooling OP/ayon provides regarding scene breakdown, i.e. assigning what assets belong to what shots, and automatic scene builds given these assignments, particularly in the context of Maya.

@milan can you elaborate on how links are created between entities manually?

I see there is promising-looking information in Workfile Build Settings for the DCC, but I haven’t found documentation on how to understand the context and the linked assets tabs in case that’s something you can direct me to as well