Set Camera resolution for Loaded camera in Houdini


Is it possible to set the resolution of imported camera values from project settings inside Houdini when loading? Maybe adding options to the menubar in houdini.

(the camera resolution values can only change for the camera which are imported in Avalon_Container)

Not 100 % sure on the workflows in Houdini, but could be an option in settings or when artists “syncs” the frame range. In Maya this can happen on-demand with the menu item “Set Framerange” or automatically when switching contexts.

I thought that existed natively in OpenPype but apparently it’s something we’ve added on our side internally. The logic will be somewhere implemented in here - there’s some other hacky “match houdini camera to maya camera” stuff going on in there so you might not want to copy the full file over but pick what you need.

This PR should fix your issue

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