Review workflow with AYON

Hi everyone!

As someone interested in using AYON for our studio pipeline. I’d love to hear about how other studios using AYON have decided to set up your review workflow. And how AYON contributes to the worfklow? Even how/why you might have chosen to circumvent some or the entirety of AYON?

Could you elaborate on what your are looking for?
Is it about the technical set up of making reviews through the pipeline or the review workflow with clients?

I’m looking for inspiration for how Ayon could improve our review process. For example, if anyone is uploading to, syncsketch or another review software on publish. Or are people publishing their reviews from Keyframe Pro through Ayon to distribute draw overs to their animators.

I don’t know how review is imagined to happen through Ayon, I’m very new to the software. I see it publishes a separate review file, but I’m not sure what the possibilities are and how much is already made vs needs to be developed.

From personal experience we (Bumpybox) are using Ftrack as our review tool. There is already integration with AYON for uploading reviews etc.

There is some syncsketch integration in progress in Ynput: SyncSketch | AYON Docs

Integration with other review tools would be interesting as Ftrack might not fit everyone’s needs.

Then there is the question of local reviewing like OpenRV but I’ll leave that up to others to answer :slightly_smiling_face:


As @tokestuartjepsen has mentioned, AYON is designed to be “review-agnostic” allowing you to decide which reviewing platform to use alongside AYON. We know studios and producers have their favourite tools and AYON shouldn’t get in the way of that.

In the near future we hope to have very basic review tools built into the web application, watch reviews and make comments.

For more advanced reviewing like sketching and client sharing we recommend an external review tool that can be integrated into AYON with an addon.

If there’s isn’t already an addon for the external reviewing software then feel free to suggest it or even build it yourself!

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Hi Innders,
Any updates on when we can see this feature released?