Renaming Subset to Product

This decision and change relate to Subset and Family .... are they the right names? topic discussed over the past few months.

We’ve deliberated for a while and decided that this is the best, if not the only time to relatively painlessly adjust some key terminology. The decision was made to change

subset —> PRODUCT
family —> PRODUCT TYPE

considering the potential impact this might have on further development, we’ll do the change as swiftly as possible in most of the places.

We’re aiming to do the switch on Wednesday 31.May 2023 towards the end of the day (CEST). Please make sure you update all the repositories as needed to the latest after the change to make sure you don’t experience and strange cross-compatibility issues.

The change includes:


Change will be in effect as of version 0.2.0 of the server. Before that we’ll apply a few patches to the current state and we’ll release 0.1.0 which will be the first versioned release. This should ensure a clear separation between the two variants of the server.


All the web UIs should stop referring to subset after the change


Python api will be versioned up to 0.2.0, the same as the server

OpenPype (only in AYON compatible mode)

Product and Product type, will be referred to as many places as possible, however at the moment this is mainly in artist facing scenarios and wherever ayon-python-api is used. We’ll be working on removing any references to subsets in publish plugins and other places over time, making sure what makes it to the AYON DB will be products.


Awesome, this matches our internal terminology :grin:
This will make it way easier if we move to Ayon at some point :tada:

In our current system:

Workunit has a kind (asset, shot, sequence…)
Product has a type (model, rig, movie, camera, bake, work…) which we include in the name by convention, and then we can refer to anything using a human readable uri:

  • flink://avatar17/shot/sq17_sh0158/ ← the camera product
  • flink://test_proj/asset/char_bob/default_hero.model/15/abc ← the abc file of version 15 of the model

Just to confirm, this terminology shift has completed now? I ask this because I don’t currently see “Product Type” documented on the Artist Key Concepts Glossary as of now:

“Product Type” was mentioned in the “Product” section.
However this link type points to a section that doesn’t exist!
Thanks for reporting.

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Ah I see it’s just a broken link. Thanks for the clarification.

To be clear, is the term “subset” still being used? I see the name littered around in the code as well as the docs. Just trying to verify that the mission is still to remove these references in all of these places.


I believe some terms can be used interchangeably for now.
subset —> PRODUCT
family —> PRODUCT TYPE
openpype —> Ayon Lanucher

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