Question about XGen Pipe for Rendering

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Quick question,
Im looking into setting up the Groom Animation Workflow now, for what i found in the documentation i should be able to conect the Groom Geo and the Animated Geo using the Inventory Conection System, but every time i try it sais that theres no matching Geometry, already triple checked and both geos have the same cbID.
Any clue on what may be causing this?
Appart from That, i was trying to Conect my Simulated Curves, well, there are static but still have an Alembic Cache, to my XGen Guides, and fore some reason some Collections get connected Propperly and some others dont, i have a Cache that contains all Curves in different Groups matching collection names, this sounds like the propper workflow?

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in general, Xgen workflow consist of
1.creating Xgen on loaded (published) model / rig asset
2.Loading animation asset for the character (abc pointcache data)
3.Loading Xgen asset
4. Using “Manage” aka “Scene Inventory” and select both and use the Action for connecting geometry
5. Your animation should have Xgen connected and following your anim

Regarding the ABC for the guides aka nurbs curves…definiteley should have stripped namespaces (option when exporting those). If you have issues with multiple Groups of curves, I would try to use separate ABC caches for each one first…it could be the limitation atm

Let us know if this helps, maybe there could be done some changes in that respect (guide anim caches)

Thanks for the answer, i ended up going in a diferent direction, and for rendering im converting the groom into interactive XGen and caching it as alembic.
This brings another question, i havent find a way to create an Interactive XGen Cache.
Any idea if theres a way?

Thanks for sharing your workflow…its quite interesting idea as we were having issues with Xgen API speaking of Xgen descriptions (non interactive groom setups) and relocating side car files during rendering (xgen files and caches).

Currently we do not support Xgen Interactive just the “legacy” Xgen descriptions type…

However this being quite interesting idea to incorporate caching to ABC from Xgen interactive grooms…as I can imagine this shouldnt be so difficult to incorporate into Ayon toolset.