Publishing houdini preview in Kitsu through OpenPype

Hi, when Publishing a preview from OP to kitsu is not reflecting in kitsu,



Any help on this please?, also here is the system settings

have you managed to solve it ? :thinking:

Not yet, @mustafa_jafar I didn’t see proper documentation on publishing with Kitsu.

If you know any, Please share them with me.

@Tilix4 @Danell any chance one of you know more details since it’s Kitsu related?

A wild guess:

I’m pretty sure the Houdini Review instance will be of family review and maybe it’s not e.g. render or alike and thus doesn’t trigger for the plugins:

A quick glance over the code actually shows me that the families are a bit odd for this case anyway. It’s a context plugin that runs if ANY of those families is present, but when that’s the case then it runs over all instances in the context even those that are not of those families the plugin filters to. So as soon as 1 “render” instance exists then all instances are considered for notes integration, etc. (and then it still filters to only those that have the ‘review’ family).

Not sure why the logic is that way, but it almost sounds like this should actually include review in the Plugin.families as well + have the other logic for instance in context: to actually also exclude the ones that do not match. Or better, turn them into InstancePlugin if they just need to run per instance anyway.

Note: I don’t use Kitsu, so I’m not sure of the approach.

Do we need to enter this in the comments here?

If yes, can someone give me an example of a text, please?

The comment is purely that - a comment for your publish (e.g. for other artists to see in the loader). As far as I know there are no publishing plugins that make the behavior different depending on what you type there. Typing ANYTHING there might change behavior for how a note integrates to Kitsu, but if that’s so I don’t suspect what you type there to be of any significance to the publish process.

The assumed issue I described above is in the codebase - not something in the artist UI that is to be toggled as far as I know.