Publishing from AfterEffects

Hi! I think I’m not getting an idea of how to publish from the AE locally.
It seems the Create button in the Publisher does not add the Render composition to the Render Queue automatically. Do I miss some settings for that?
The error is ValueError: There is no item in Render Queue for 'renderRotoMain'! Add composition to Render Queue.

The docs say:

AE’s Render Queue is required for publishing locally or on a farm. Artist needs to configure expected result format (extension, resolution) in the Render Queue in an Output module. Currently its expected to have only single render item per composition in the Render Queue.

How do these render queue elements are supposed to be created?

Currently Render Queue must be created manually. ( Composition > Add to Render Queue .)
I could create RQ item automatically, but I didn’t know where to get extension, so the thinking was to let artist to add composition to the RQ and configure the output in there.
We have ticket to make this more streamlined in the To Do list, so any comments how it could work welcomed.
(I am thinking adding enum to the creator so artist can select output extension when it is creating the instance. That wasn’t an option in old publisher.)

I think I’m fine with specifying the render settings manually for now. The main concern for me is a folder where the the initial render should be done. Isn’t it supposed to be somewhere in the project’s folder hierarchy?

Path in RQ is irrelevant, only important thing is the extension (and possible resolution).
Temporary folder will in a work area, next to the workfile.
I thought it is mentioned in the documentation, but it is not there and what is there is a bit fuzzy :/.
I’ll update documentation to make it clearer.

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Thanks, yeah, I see now. Yeah, the docs update would help. Not an easy task for newcomer to get the idea of temp rendering. And it also takes time to decide, where to place the temp renders and how to manage their deletion afterwards, or even find the work folder you’ve mentioned. I guess, if the RQ element will be created automatically, we’ll need a setting for the default temp output path too.