Project Analytics/reports required in AYON web

Hi Team!

Can we have better info showcased on this dashboard, I’m requesting to see the below-mentioned ideas:

  • Percentage of Projects completed in graph or status bar, this goes based on approval count
  • Pending shots/sequences based on non-approved count
  • showing a status on the Editor/browser would be needed, it takes a lot of time to check the status by opening every task.
  • Notification icon, where all the notifications get in, this is recommended when activity comes into play.

I believe I might also be writing some that are already on the map.


These are some great pointers.

It’s been a while since we worked on this page and as more studios use it (like yourself) we are going to gather feedback to design a dashboard that is more useful and intuitive.

This will coincide with the artists dashboard and activity feed to make sure all pages work together nicely.


I updated the post category and added a tag if you don’t mind.
Many thanks for your ideas.

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