Plugins Missing from Ayon Web UI

Hi all, I’m trying to better understand the relationship between plugins as they appear in the Ayon web UI vs how they appear in the DCC publisher app.

In Maya, when I publish a Look (for example), I see a list of plugins that ran in the publisher details view. Some, but not all, of these plugins appear in the list of plugins on our ayon web instance under Project Settings > Maya > [addon version] > Publishers. For example, the “Look Sets” validation is in the DCC publisher but not in the web view, unless it’s under a different name.

So I guess my question is, is this expected, perhaps due to a plugin being optional vs not? And if this is intended, how would I ensure that new validations/plugins I author are available to control from the web UI?
Thanks in advance!

Hello Veena,

Correct guess.
Let me explain furtherly, What you see in the web ui are plugins settings.

In two steps.

  1. In the plugin python file, inherit from OptionalPyblishPluginMixi
  2. In server directory inside your addon, add settings for your plugin.
    It’s expected for some plugins to exist in some section inside the settings.
    e.g. publish plugins should exist inside publish inside the settings.

Note, plugin’s class name is used in the settings. because, we always match them by names.

Code examples:

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Thanks for the info, Mustafa, was able to expose settings for a new plugin in the UI!

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