Photoshop Addon on Mac


I am working on enabling photoshop addon on my mac (M1 macbook pro) , while following the guide here ( Photoshop Artist Docs | AYON Docs ) it asks to point the extension manager to the zxp file.

Is there an equivalent path on OSX where I can find the zxp file ?

c:\Users\YOUR_USER\AppData\Local\Ynput\AYON\addons\openpype_X.X.X\openpype\hosts\photoshop\api .

Thank You

Do any of the paths described here help?

That would then be:

  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Ynput/AYON/addons

Hi BigRoy,

I dont seem to have the Ynput folder at the path
~/Library/Application Support/Ynput/AYON/addons

However, I was able to find the AYON folder
/Library/Application Support/AYON/addons/openpype_3.18.5/openpype/hosts/