Paste Anatomy results in "Clipboard is empty"

Hello there,
so there is one issue that happends when trying to paste any anatomy. Copy does work but paste into Ayon seems to always result in the “Clipboard is empty” message.

Tested with on Win10 using Firefox, Chrome and Edge.
Ayon 1.0.4+202402231406

It was suggested to check for any safety issues regarding the clipboard with the browser. Currently there are no limitations set.
However the current server still needs a SSL certificate and my assumption is that this could be the reason ? The browser does not allow any manual whitelisting of the adress without SSL.

Thanks for any feedback !


I saw that problem before on discord.
Solution: To enable clipboard on browser.

on chrome :

and, then enable it clipboard.

This option is blocked on my side. I guess because I didn’t configure SSL

It has come up before on Discord a few times as a recommendation to implement a fallback for when “Paste from clipboard” fails.

As I understood from @martin.wacker all the browsers seem to support the Copy to Clipboard just fine, but have security surrounding Pasting the content to the page. As such, we might be fine to detect when it fails to paste and then show a text field to the user so they can manually paste it - because as I understood, pasting manually does work.

I wonder if ayon server can have its own internal clipboard instead of using the browser’s clipboard, so it use it as a fall back if clipboard is not enabled in browser.

I noticed there is already a similar functionality build when using multiple bundle.
The “Copy Setting from” basically can pick a source and destination and then transfers the data.

The same mechanic could also be used for the anatomy section.

Almost there… by default, paste will attempt using native Clipboard API and if that’s not available, it should fallback to a dialog. I need to test it a little bit more and replace the original logic everywhere.