OpenPype problems on Mac iOS

I am trying to setup artists with openpype 3.18.6 on mac iOS. After installation you get to the iginiter window where you enter mongo db address, but after that the application doesnt launch. Im getting around this by going into the application package contents finding openpype_gui and running this, which opens a terminal window and then the application launches and you can access it via the tray, and the features in the tray work. However when trying to launch applications from tasks via ftrack, the applications wont launch… The workfile window opens, but once you select a workfile and proceed it gives a permission error: PermissionERROR: [ Errno 13 ] Permission denied: ‘/Applications/Adobe After Effects 2024’. This is with Harmony and AE.

Anyone able to shed any light on these issues? Many thanks!

I’m thinking it might be something to do with the sockets that need some permissions to communicate through a file on disk.

@Petr_Kalis might know more.

We have been able to get around this problem now.

We still need to run openpype via terminal running openpype_gui, but we have added the path for openpype_gui in privacy and security settings, to give that process permission for files and folders, disk access and accessibility. So now it has the required permissions to open applications.