Openpype mongodb connection error on Rocky 9

Hi, I’m new in here :slight_smile:

the reason that I text is that I have a trouble in connecting openpye to mongodb. So If someone don’t mind, I’d like to ask that how do I solve this.

  • I build the ‘Openpype’ which is pipeline toolkit system from git on rocky linux 9
  • I setup MongoDB on Nas via Docker app (mongodb://
  • when I open the openpype tool which feature is to connect mongodb to client’s opnepype, the errors which is in attached image occur.
  • In that images, there is a keywords : keyring, hmac, digestmod … / So I guess that error could be related to rocky linux 9 (when I build openpype on rocky linux 8, It worked without this error)

is there any solution about this error …??


Thanks for asking the question here so that the answer be available for others.
I know you already know the answer but let me quote ondrej’s answer for reference.
Quoted from here: Discord

OP isn't that much tested on Rocky 9.
The error happens in keyring/secretstorage modules, it might be bug there

AYON will support Rocky 9 in time, OP should be compatible with VFX platform CY2022 
and moving it to CY2024 would probably take a lot of effort and will break 
compatibility (or what's left of it) with older DCCs still used in production.

you may try to update keyring/secretstorage modules in OP venv to fix that issue.

Also, let me update the post’s title.